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You and I

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

We are not so different you and I

Separated by a single thought

You look at the world and say it's real

I look and see only myself

Clarity of vision is all it takes

To see my world and all its beauty

Letting go is all it takes

To be rid of fear and suffering

We are not so different you and I

Like a minute to the hour and a minute past

Seen my way we are so close

Yet for you, a vast chasm lies between us

I urge you to look honestly

See your mind is full of cravings

Deep down you sense your heart craves peace

Freedom, to be whole again

So take my hand and let me show you

My world in all its glory

Take it and let me lead you home

To the place, you have forgotten

"How far is it?" I hear you ask

Oh it's right here, no distance whatsoever

"Then, why must I take your hand?" you say

To prevent you from wandering off again

Be still and see the simple truth

The one so near you overlooked

You always have been in my world

You are home and never left

"How did I not see this before?" you laugh

A thought of separation clouded your mind

A phantom belief of limitation

Is all that kept you bound

We are not so different you and I

We are the sacred source itself

We are not so different you and I

We are one


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