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Rika Markel in conversation with David Farmer about Non Duality.
Rika Rivka Markel

Rika Markel in conversation with David Farmer about Non Duality.

A while ago David Farmer sent me an email but only after weeks I saw his writings when cleaning up my inbox.... I almost deleted his email. David had a very "similar" seeking journey but is a few steps ahead of me. I was really excited to talk to him and he didn't disappoint. This is such a fun conversation and I hope that something we spoke about can point you in the direction of realizing your True Nature. You can find David Farmer on his website: He has a few very interesting conversations on his website, check them out! ==================================================== Subscribe to my Youtube Channel Join my Facebook group MindMastery Email me: ================================================== Schedule a call: ================================================= Join my Manifestation Challenge: =================================================== For Professionals and Corporations: =================================================== Ready to transform your life? Check out these online courses from the Proctor Gallagher institute. 6 Minutes to success Magic in your mind Working with the law
Coffee Break With Your Soul with Dr. Maggie G.


ORDINARY PEOPLE. ORDINARY AWAKENINGS is a series of conversations with people from all walks of life who recognised their true nature and how this recognition changed the way they see themselves and how they experience life. By sharing these conversations, it is my wish to demonstrate that awakening isn't reserved to only certain people or that it happens by following a certain path. Awakening is simply a moment in which we remember who we ALREADY are, which is why when it happens, it really is a "duh" sort of moment only much deeper :) and with deeper implications that can happen in many ways, at any moment to anyone who is open to it, and sometimes it can happen to those who have never even considered or were interested in it. In this video, I'm talking to David Farmer (you can find out more about him here Here are some of the key topics we covered: - David's story 2:30 - first glimpses 7:30 - ordinary awakening 13:45 - how giving up seeking (reading, listening to teachers) often leads to awakening 14:34 - the problem with certain spiritual concepts and language 23:41 - the lost neckless 26:58 - awakening doesn't require a guru 28:54 - following intuition/what resonates 30:30 - integration process 33:09 - infinite awakenings 37:40 - the non-glamorous part of post-awakening 40:00 - the beauty of pain and suffering 42:32 - the dissolution of identity - nothing to be afraid of 1:00:24 - the freedom of being able to embrace what is (including pain and suffering) 1:10:15 - awakening and its impact on (all) relationships 1:13:20 - "this should not be happening" and analysis vs self-reflection 1:26:25 - on being a spiritual asshole/being spiritually superior 1:34:40 Thank you for watching! If you have any questions or topics you'd like us to answer/talk about please let me know in the comments or email me at #awakening #postawakening #davidfarmer -
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