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The Short Story of 'David'

We are all just characters in a great cosmic play

Smiley photo of David

The Short Story

Born in Scotland in 1976, I moved to London at age 18 to pursue a career in classical music. After many successful years studying and performing professionally, I was drawn to embark on a new adventure and in 2003 I moved to Japan.

In Japan, I gravitated away from music and started on the Spiritual path, where, in order to help deal with depression and excessive drinking, which I had been struggling with off and on for years prior, I practised Zen meditation and Japanese archery. I also informally studied Buddhism, Shintoism, and Taoism, all the while teaching English in schools and corporations to keep food on the table.

In 2021, upon recognition of my true nature, my Japanese adventure naturally drew to a close, and I returned to my native Scotland to start a new chapter as a Nondual Guide and Personal Coach, supporting others with their own spiritual, mental, emotional, addiction, and well-being issues.

The Great Way leads nowhere,

And is no place.

Affirm it and you miss it by a mile;

"This is delusion, that is enlightenment" is also wide

of the mark.

You can expound theories of "existence" and "nonexistence"

Yet even talk of the "Middle Way" can get you sidetracked.

I'll just keep my wonderful experiences to myself.

Babble about enlightenment and your

words get torn to shreds.

                   Ryokan Taigu (1758-1831)

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