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"When the clear seeing of one’s true nature happens, the mind can go into overdrive, seemingly obscuring the truth that’s been discovered. Meeting with David Farmer at this stage was especially helpful, as he is stable in his self-realization, his true nature. Speaking to individuals who are deep-seated in their knowing provides a kind of transmission and encouragement to continue to integrate the mind-body alignment, and it is even more refreshing to speak to a being like David who talks without the weight of spiritual jargon and sees the infinite One in each being. It's like chatting with an old friend. It was also lovely speaking with him as his energy is very light and kind, and meets you where you are. His perspective and wisdom on the non-dual teaching is clear and you may find yourself laughing again for taking your mind so seriously once he points you back directly to yourself. I’m very thankful I had the privilege of speaking with him."

Bo Eun, USA

"David has been great to come to when I've been feeling out of control with emotions. He's been a consistent sense of calm for me and he's been helpful at recentering my focus on being still and allowing things to unfold during what has felt a very chaotic and emotional time for me. It's been invaluable and I'm really grateful to him for all his support. Thanks so much, David!"

Anon, U.K.

"David Farmer has been a key part of not only realizing my true nature but the integrative piece as well. I was referred to David when I was seeking truth. I had a wonderful conversation with him in which he gently and effectively kept bringing my attention back to infinite awareness. It's always a pleasure to talk to and dive into conversion with David as he is pleasant and has a light and fun energy about him. I highly recommend David to anyone who is seeking truth, or to anyone who has had Self-realization and would like to have a conversation about integration."

Corina, USA

"I would highly recommend that anyone who is seeking to know their own true nature speak with David. His focused, clear, concise, yet gentle pointing helped me to see that I was already 'home'. That recognition has begun to reveal the magical flow of all things in this apparent creation that we call 'life'. It is very evident that David stands on the solid ground of his own knowing and as a caring friend helps to guide our attention towards the truth that never changes."

Debra, USA

"David Farmer happened to me like a blessing in disguise. His simplicity, gentleness, and clarity invoked the 'being' in me to shine through my form effortlessly. My personal connection with him erased so many misconceptions I had about this journey of seeking. I wish and hope that he appears to everyone who is seeking and wants to realise their True Nature. Heartfelt thank you for the 'being' expressed in the form called David Farmer"

Hema, India

“Congratulations and yippee! You have arrived here for a reason. There are no accidents. You are in good hands with David’s gentleness and skill.” 

Shelly, Vietnam

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