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The Gilded Cage

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

I was on Facebook the other day and happened to see a post by the psychologist and author, Steve Taylor. I have read a lot of Steve's books on Consciousness as well as his poetry. He posts some of his short or full-length poems from time to time and perhaps because I am a fan of Japanese Haiku, this shorter one caught my eye...

"A mind full of positive thoughts is better than a mind full of negative thoughts, but best of all is a mind free of thought."

I understood immediately what he was expressing here and after a few days of fermentation felt inspired to write a commentary...

A "mind free of thought" or an empty mind is not as scary as it initially sounds. It does not mean a cessation of thinking. It simply means the ending of identification with thought.

However, let's take it from the start...

If one is caught in negative thinking patterns, which are inevitably manifesting outwardly. Then, as the first step toward self-care, one ought to try to think more positively. In doing so, one will feel better overall, outer circumstances will improve, and the higher frequency will be felt and resonate with others.

However, this can be likened to upgrading from a prison cell with bars made of rusty iron, to one with bars made of gold. It is still a prison! A gilded cage.

One is still trapped in the mind and the apparent material world. (Mind being a sum composite of thoughts)

So, ask yourself this...To whom or what do thoughts appear?

In doing so, the truth of the matter may be recognized.

Which is, simply put, you are already free! You are unlimited, infinite consciousness right at this very moment. You are not in a cage at all, you just choose to believe that you are! You believe your thoughts.

So this leads to the second statement, of "mind free of thought". It is important to note here, that it is impossible to have a mind free of thought as thoughts will always appear. There may be times during meditation or during the day when no thoughts appear, but they will inevitably arise again. However, this is not a problem so long as we do not identify ourselves with them. When thoughts arise in the mind, notice them and let them go, like clouds passing through the vast sky.

Do not think of them as something disturbing your peace. Just be aware of them and let them be. When we latch onto or identify with thoughts, when we believe them, then we are imprisoned by them and no amount of thinking, positive or otherwise, will get out of it. In fact, more thinking makes things worse.

So what is to be done?

It is very simple. So simple that it is overlooked again and again...

Notice yourself to be that which is aware of all thoughts. Stay as this awareness. Just "be".

Realize yourself to be the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, infinite being, and in that moment, you will see that you are not and never have been in a cage. You are always total freedom.


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Beautiful, as always

Unknown member
Feb 19, 2022
Replying to

Thank you. This one lay dormant for a few days then burst forth this morning.

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