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New book! Effortless Being by David Bingham

What a wonderful way to start September, with the release of the new book Effortless Being by my friend, David Bingham.

The last few years have seen David's teachings radiate out into the world after being featured in the book The Greatest Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Indeed, it was upon hearing David's words in one of his Conscious TV interviews that resulted in my own spontaneous awakening.

As is evident on his YouTube channel, many people have not only been drawn to him but have also spontaneously Self-realized during their conversations, as he has such a clear way of pointing to our true nature. It is, therefore, a wonderful gift to the world to now have his teachings available in book form and accessible to all.

Effortless Being is presently available on Amazon Kindle and will be released in paperback shortly.

Click here to purchase: Effortless Being by David Bingham


Click here for David Bingham's Website and YouTube Channel

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