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The Sparkling Beauty of Everything by Julie Cloutier

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Photo Credit: Julie Cloutier

The sparkling beauty of everything.

Realising that you have never gone anywhere that you were never “this” and “that”.

Realising that there is no movement but simply an unfolding of beauty.

That nothing ever happened, that nothing is happening, and that nothing ever will happen.

Realising that there is no “place” to go, nothing to lose, and nothing to get.

The non-existence of “things” yet existence emanates from everything.

Looking at each image of life like a painting, a moment still and quiet.

In everyday life, everywhere this beauty sparkling, a masterpiece of never created things.

Seeing the beauty of this unique moment that is unfolding eternally.

The uniqueness of the moment, the never the same of the moment.

The totality without separation.

The sun shining, the birds chirping.

The moment constantly dying and birthing within consciousness.

That is self-realisation, it can’t be described but is nonetheless more real than any thought about “reality”.

This was initially published on by Julie Cloutier.


Julie is a certified transformational coach living in Canada. She recognized her true nature in 2021 and now works as a guide, pointing others to the same truth and helping them live the human experience from the natural state of effortless being.

If you would like to get in touch with Julie to arrange a session with her, you can do so via her Website, or follow her on Facebook or YouTube.


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