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The Cycle of the Yugas

Perspective is always good.

Imagine standing with your nose pressed up against a tree...

You wouldn't even recognise it as a tree until you stepped back and gained some perspective.

The same goes for limiting beliefs. If metaphorically speaking, your 'nose is so pressed up against' the idea of being a separate individual, you need to 'step back' to see things in perspective. The ultimate viewpoint being, upon the recognition of our true nature, knowing oneself as pure consciousness.

Then the constricted 'nose pressing', the grasping hold of the anxiety-ridden person disappears as it is seen to have been an illusion created solely in the mind.

This leads me to another useful perspective...The Cycle of the Yugas.

We are seeing a great awakening happening now on the planet. Consciousness is revealing itself at an ever-increasing rate. This is in line with the Cycle of the Yugas.

Relatively speaking, I believe you have seen and felt these changes for yourself even if you thought nothing of them...

The rise of Veganism, Yoga becoming a household word, and the acceptance of workplace practices once dismissed as "woo-woo" such as Mindfulness, well-being and work-life balance (i.e. conserving, making better use of one's energy) are a few examples.

As we move further into the current Dwapara Yuga (the Energy Age) we will see more such changes. The rise of AI and advanced automation means that humans are more able to conserve and make better use of their own energy, leading to greater health, well-being and happiness.

If you look at the chart below, you will see where humanity as a whole is in the grand scheme of things, which can be reassuring and encouraging from a relative standpoint.

Consciousness can reveal itself at any time and in any Age.

Satya Yuga (the Golden Age) is available right now. There is no one who needs to wait 5000 years!

However, I found the cycle of the Yugas to be very useful in giving some perspective as to the state of the world 'as a whole', the level of conscious awareness in humanity 'as a whole', and how what we are all doing naturally forms part of the bigger picture.


*If you are interested in learning about the Cycle of the Yugas, I highly recommend reading 'THE YUGAS' by Joseph Selbie & David Steinmetz, available in paperback or audio.



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