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Collapsing distance in awareness

Here's a little exercise you can try...

Have a look out the window and choose an object you can see.

For example, a tree across the street, a building or a mountain in the distance.

How far away is it?

You might answer, 20 metres, 400 yards, or 2 miles.

Notice that you had to engage 'thinking' to answer.

Now, taking the same object, let's ask another question.

This time, don't engage 'thinking', just let the question hang...

At what distance does it appear in awareness?...


To try to put this answer into words we can engage 'thinking' again and say, "no distance" or "zero distance".

But in truth, there is only 'awareness'.


Notice that you didn't disappear and everything continued to go on effortlessly without 'thinking'.

That's because "..." is your true nature.



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