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The Cosmic Harp

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

There is no such thing as duality. It simply doesn't exist. The "duality" you feel is simply due to a misunderstanding.

Even from a simple scientific standpoint, when we look at ourselves under a microscope: we find that we are vibrating energy. Look closer still, and we are waves of pure potentiality. Look even closer and...

So, where do waves start and end? Is there a clear boundary between this and that?

Asking these types of questions leads to confusion, endless thinking, and so much stress about what we don't know. So let's talk about what we do know. We are conscious; we exist. Nobody denies that!

Could it be that we are actually a modulation of consciousness? An expression?

As consciousness vibrates within itself, we are experiencing an expression of our own Self. Which, from the point of view of the physical senses, appears as the world; but is, in actual fact, nothing more than a dream.

Take the example of a nightdream. Where did it come from, and where did it go? Was it really real?

Is this apparent waking state any different? Was it ever created at all?

I ask questions because it is necessary for you to go into this for yourself. Do not accept my word for it. Go into it.

When you do go into it: don't do it with the mind. Instead, sit still and become aware. In this awareness, you will begin to feel that the entire cosmos is a single vibrating entity. Like someone has strummed a giant galactic harp, and all its frequencies are resonating and vibrating together as one interconnected harmony.

Continue to sit with this feeling, and you may realize that it is "you" who is vibrating!

This truth was so simply and eloquently expressed by Zen master Dogen, founder of the Soto branch of Zen Buddhism, in his Mountains and Waters Sutra...

"Mountains are mountains, waters are waters

This does not mean that mountains are mountains

It means, mountains are mountains"

Dogen Zenji (1200-1253)

The first line represents the common dualistic misunderstanding that a mountain is a mountain, i.e., solid matter. For those who believe this, the second line points to the fact that the world is an illusion. However, it is the final line; where Dogen beautifully points to the nondual reality that everything is "real" and "mountains are mountains." Meaning that everything is consciousness; therefore, everything is you.

Consciousness vibrating as energy is why we say that we resonate or don't resonate with someone. We are really reacting to frequencies. The human experience can be likened then to a single vibrating string of the great cosmic harp. Inextricably part of the whole.

Could this be the reason the harp is known as the instrument of the heavens?

After all, many people who claim to have had encounters with beings from other dimensions, angels, etc., say they experience these interactions not so much visually but more as an energy, a feeling, or internal lights.

Angels aside, this energetic resonance is something that is common to everyone to some degree or another. All our finite minds are actually interconnected, which is why we can look at someone and know that they know that you know, and you know that they know...

This psychic ability is not something particularly special or unique. The more we let go of attachment to mind and function from our infinite nature: our oneness, the more we experience it. It will eventually be a perfectly normal form of communication for humanity.

In the words of the great Indian sage, Sri Ramana Maharshi...

"I would believe in telepathy if there were two of us"

Ramana Maharshi (1879-1950)

This communication is also not limited to humans. Animals too are attracted to its frequency. When you find animals of all kinds naturally coming to you, wanting to be near you. It is because they sense your vibration and know it is safe. When you look into their eyes you sense their pure beingness and they sense yours. It is one and the same.

This is the deepest form of communication there is and there is a name for it...


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