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Trust your intuition, it is very powerful.

Your intuition is the Body of Wisdom and proceeds thinking.

Intuition is actually effortless being, which is life happening by 'Itself'.

Thinking is like football commentary that we can choose to listen to or not.

And like commentary, it is mostly meaningless babble, which is of no consequence whatsoever and bears no relation to the outcome of the match. We have mistakenly given it so much importance, but it is actually, UNNCESSARY.

Do you really believe that thinking can influence the flow of what 'is'?

Thinking is formed of opposites: good/evil, like/dislike, fullness/emptiness, duality/nonduality, etc...

Giving it attention keeps you confused and destined to live life rocking back and forth in constant self-doubt. But life is simple and open, just stop listening to thinking and remain as effortless being. To use Biblical terms, this is the return to the Garden of Eden.

You intuitively know your true nature, it's just the mind doesn't believe it could be so simple. But it is so simple, it will make you laugh.

-As a side note, the astute among you will have noticed I included duality/nonduality in the above list. This is because there is a slight concession to mind when we use the word 'nonduality'. Therefore, it is used as a tool when talking to those for whom 'duality' apparently exists.

In truth, we cannot say a single word about true nature.


Today's post is inspired by a question I received this morning and includes a few references to things that stuck with me from my conversations with the wonderful, David Bingham.


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