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True healing and wellness

Yes, healing 'happens' but not in the way the wellness industry would have you believe.

You see, the physical body is the LEAST part of what you are. This is not to deny it in any way, it is part of the illusion and should be enjoyed for what it is along with the dream world it allows us to experience.

But for those for whom there are doubts about what you are, rather than looking for the nearest massage parlour or aromatherapist in search of some temporary relief from anxiety, stress and fear, it is far better to enquire straight to the root of the matter. Then there is the possibility of suffering disappearing once and for all.

One does not go about renovating a car by first of all polishing the bodywork!

This is not to discredit holistic treatments. I have many friends who are complementary medicine practitioners. I myself love to practice Yin-Yoga and would sooner have a cup of herbal tea to soothe a headache than paracetamol. These treatments have their place.

But I am talking here about the recognition of our true nature, the beginning of the end of suffering. Knowing the true peace and contentment of what we are in essence, does not require you to practice various disciplines and strive to be a good person.

Why? Because it is this very identification as a person that is causing the problem!

So long as you believe yourself to be an individual, even a good one and even to the subtlest degree, 'healing' is impossible and keeps you on the merry-go-round.

But it is all just a case of mistaken identity. The truth is simple, open and available to everyone right this very moment.

You mistake yourself for a body-mind, where in actual fact you are the awareness that is aware of the body-mind.

Try this...

Without engaging the mind to answer, take a moment to ask yourself...

-Am I aware?

-What am I?

-How far is it to myself?

Just let these questions hang in awareness...

Upon recognition of your true nature, the person is seen to be non-existent, an illusion. The human experience continues but falls into alignment with this recognition. There is a 'realignment', which is really more of a gradual refinement. The truth of what you are begins to shine through every word, gesture, and action so that your life becomes an expression of this inner knowing.

This is the true meaning of healing and wellness.

Know your essence and all else will fall into place naturally.


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