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Lone wolf

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

You do not know me

Because you do not know yourself

Know yourself

And you will know all things

And in that knowing you will find

There was never anything to know

You believe you are a body in a world

Therefore, that is all you perceive

Know yourself as the nameless one

That is all there is

Can you embrace the solitary life?

Yet not be self-concerned?

Walking the pathless path

Enter the gateless gate

Shunning society, like a lone wolf

Do you dare to follow your instincts?

Others will join in their own time

It is not your place to rally or harangue

Just continue on until the sun sets

Then lay your head down to rest

Following your own path

You live your own truth

Living your own truth

Others are encouraged

All is taught by example

All is learned in silence




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