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The man without a TV

The man without a TV gazed at the clouds

Passing within Him

He is content

No need for 'Strictly' or artificial 'Reality'

Knowing what is real

He is content

His friends are robins and squirrels

A rabbit comes along to play

Free from meaningless babble

And idle chat

In loving awareness

We are content

The man without a TV is not distracted

Nor influenced by worldly events

His compassion encompasses every and all

Knowing what is true

He is content

Don't expect him to follow your rules

Or march to your limited beat

He may...or he may not

He flows with the rhythm of life Itself

He is peaceful

And content

Don't let his aloofness fool you

He is closer than you think

Knowing Him is to know Thyself

To be free

And content



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