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Updated: Feb 22, 2023

It is so simple. So simple and so intimate that it is overlooked time and time again.

The conditioned mind desires experience. Thought itself, mental images, keep you looking "out there" for answers and craving more and more experience. We form an image of what we think we are looking for based on what apparent others say and rejoice when we find something resembling it. Not realizing that we have found yet another experience, which thought itself has created. Constantly feeling bound, we struggle and search. Waiting, waiting, waiting for some ultimate experience beyond all previous experiences, which will set us free. But that experience will never and can never come.

The truth is this...

Being beingness, you are already free. You're simply telling yourself that you are not.

You think you are a separate person, but it is just that; a thought. An experience.

Being beingness, there you are. The realization of which is not an experience.

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