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You and I

We are not so different you and I Separated by a single thought You look at the world and say it's real I look and see only myself Clarity of vision is all it takes To see my world and all its beauty Letting go is all it takes To be rid of fear and suffering We are not so different you and I Like a minute to the hour and a minute past Seen my way we are so close Yet for you, a vast chasm lies between us I urge you to look honestly See your mind is full of cravings Deep down y

The Five Bodies

A great way to understand our human experience is through the Yogic system of the Koshas. This system was first introduced to me by my friend David Bingham. It served as a way to not only stabilize the initial awakening but also as a clear structure one can utilize moving forward. The Kosha system, or Five Bodily Sheaths, is a key pillar of David's teachings, and many people who have listened to him expound them have resonated with it for one simple reason. Which is, as he in

You are not broken

Let me tell you something important: You are not broken and do not need to be fixed. Why? because all perceived problems, flaws, and habits belong to the mind. That is to say, to the fictional character you call a person. They are entirely unreal, nonexistent, and thus, do not belong to you. You are pure awareness, the pristine infinite being, entirely untouched and ever-present. Remaining as the infinite being, all apparent aspects (being malleable) assume a form in alignmen

Do I exist?

If you are constantly searching for yourself outwardly, seeking answers in books, YouTube videos, or teachers, but to no avail. Why not take a moment to try something different? Just stop, be very still and ask yourself... Do I exist? Don't think about the answer; feel it, sense it. Then the answer will come... "Yes, I exist." You know that you exist. It is undeniable. So then, from this simple feeling of your existence, ask yourself... How far do I have to go to find myself?

Say goodbye to Santa Claus

We're now well into January and have left the Christmas festivities behind for another year. Like most adults, we tend to feel less and less "Christmasy" as we get older, and the excitement of our childhood becomes a distant memory. Quietly reminiscing one day, I realized how the recognition of our true nature, or rather the realization that we are not a person, is very similar to the day we learn there is no Santa Claus. Until (fill in what age you were here), we firmly beli

The Cosmic Harp

There is no such thing as duality. It simply doesn't exist. The "duality" you feel is simply due to a misunderstanding. Even from a simple scientific standpoint, when we look at ourselves under a microscope: we find that we are vibrating energy. Look closer still, and we are waves of pure potentiality. Look even closer and... So, where do waves start and end? Is there a clear boundary between this and that? Asking these types of questions leads to confusion, endless thinking,

Now is always the beginning

Not being attached to what has gone nor projecting into the future, the mind settles when left alone. It is enough to notice it. Don't engage with it nor ignore it. Just leave it be. Then, in that sacred space where identification is not: the breath eases, the eyes soften, and the blissful contentment of your being is known to itself. But beware! Do not say, "I have arrived!". Such arrogance reveals the devil has snuck in through the back door. Who is there to arrive where? T

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