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March snow

Caught off guard I chuckle at nature's mischief March snow ~~~~~ Just as I thought Spring was here and the world was warming up, nature threw a curve ball to remind me of the pitfalls of expectation and inspired this Haiku.


Cosmic will is always at work and is part of the illusion. As for free will for whom? Then is everything predetermined? Questions of free will, cosmic will, and predetermination arise solely in a mind worried about a future projecting memories of a past. Be still... Nothing at all is beautifully happening.

The Sparkling Beauty of Everything

Photo Credit: Julie Cloutier The sparkling beauty of everything. Realising that you have never gone anywhere that you were never “this” and “that”. Realising that there is no movement but simply an unfolding of beauty. That nothing ever happened, that nothing is happening, and that nothing ever will happen. Realising that there is no “place” to go, nothing to lose, and nothing to get. The non-existence of “things” yet existence emanates from everything. Looking at each image

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