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In the teachings of Zen Buddhism, the image of the dewdrop is a recurring favourite. On one level, like Japan's beloved cherry blossom, it symbolizes the transitory nature of life and that all things change and disappear in a blink of an eye. However, on a deeper level, it symbolizes the fact that each apparent person reflects the entire universe within themselves. Both body and world arise simultaneously in consciousness and thus each moment expresses the infinite. Of course


I was having a conversation the other day and the subject of desire came up. This is often a tricky point for many people who are spiritually seeking, as they cannot imagine a life without desire. So let me try to clarify a little... When most people talk of desiring this or that, it almost always is a "personal" desire for an object. One which will improve their life in some material way. Whether it be a new car, partner, house, or whatever it might be. Even desiring world p

Beyond Stardust Podcast

My conversation on the Beyond Stardust Podcast with Corina LaVonne is now live! A big thank you to Corina for inviting me on the show. We had a very in-depth discussion about Nonduality, the nature of consciousness, and the end of seeking. It was a lot of fun and we both hope that the discussion will have transformative effects on the lives of those listening. Click on the link below to listen...enjoy!


The truth of what you are lies beyond all accumulated knowledge. It is beyond anything the mind can imagine. This is because the mind arises within it. Everything you think you have, all the knowledge you gained yesterday, must be relinquished. Everything you desire tomorrow must be dropped. Then, in the timeless present, the mystery may reveal itself. A mystery which can never be known by the mind but in which all and nothing is known. The knowingness of not knowing.

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