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The two legendary swordsmen of ancient Japan finally met. Each other’s disciples eager to see who was best. One step at a time, they slowly walked towards each other, hands hovering over their blades. Then, stood only a few feet apart…they smiled, and retired to a small anti-room to drink sake together and play I-Go (Japanese checkers) They knew. When realized beings meet, there is only the blue sky and warmth of the summer sun.


It is so simple. So simple and so intimate that it is overlooked time and time again. The conditioned mind desires experience. Thought itself, mental images, keep you looking "out there" for answers and craving more and more experience. We form an image of what we think we are looking for based on what apparent others say and rejoice when we find something resembling it. Not realizing that we have found yet another experience, which thought itself has created. Constantly feel


Absolute reality cannot be defined, it can only be alluded to. Even so-called spiritual definitions of truth are insufficient as they are also merely bundles of thoughts and therefore limited. So what is to be done? Recognise yourself to be beyond all mental constructs, then without fear or apology, live your own truth.


The flower radiates its scent selflessly and effortlessly. One being an expression of the other, the two are inseparable and therefore one. In the same way, when one's true nature is recognised, its perfume is found to be unconditional love.


Have you ever considered who is aware of your thoughts? If you were to consider it, what would you answer? Humanity falsely believes the pinnacle is the mind. Not realising that the mind, thought, is the pinnacle of limitation. After all, it has imagined the body and, in turn, the separate self... However, you are none of these. If you are aware of the body, you are not the body. If you are aware of the mind, you are not the mind. The key to the whole conundrum is this... Be


There is no separate individual. It is only a thought. A limitation. One's true nature is unlimited, infinite being. However, when this is recognised there is the subsequent danger of falling into the cul-de-sac of nothingness. Beware! As this is also limitation masquerading as wisdom! Neither accepting nor rejecting...naturalness is the way.


What we are lies beyond mental concepts of good and bad, right and wrong. Yet all is contained within it. Neither existing nor not existing any attempt to grasp it fails. Beware of the ego creeping back in and subtly claiming a victory. In the immortal words of the Tao Te Ching, "He who says he knows, does not know". Relinquish all limited concepts of the mind and there you are...perfectly poised.

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