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Unseasonal Greetings!

Recently, I hear a lot about healing and wellness, but what does it really mean? When we approach things from the point of view of the body, it gives rise to all manner of therapies, which we are encouraged to follow carefully and methodically in order to cure our suffering. This is to get things back to front entirely! It is to subscribe to the idea that there is a body/person who suffers. But when we scratch the surface of this presumption we see that it is a can of worms.

The Jenga Tower

The truth of what you are is so simple and so intimate that it is constantly overlooked. Being seduced by the apparent outside world and all its experiences, we miss the essence of ourselves. In believing ourselves to be a separate body-mind functioning in a world, we are afraid and thus constantly strive for happiness all the while attracting unhappiness in equal measure. We are looking in the wrong direction. So how is this truth to be found? What is the nature of it? Ultim

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