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I glanced at my hand, Wrinkled, skeletal Turned it over, Skeletal, wrinkled... Peripheral, off-focus. I am neither the body nor the mind. Within me, the body apparently ages Within me, the mind apparently deteriorates I am neither, I am beyond Neither disturbs me I am beyond the I am Drop all, and there you are... Do not fall into the trap of the middle way Nor radical cul-de-sacs Neither this nor that Beyond all words... Perfect equilibrium to David Bingham


Why do we love to be in nature? When we are in nature, we sense the aliveness, the beingness of everything around us and in that moment mind is dropped. There is only the beauty of it all. What we believe to be "ourselves" is simply a limited thought, a mental construct, a belief, which in the presence of nature is easily stepped out of. This is why people long for breaks in the countryside away from their normal busy, chaotic lives. It is not a break from the city they want,


Meditation is always there. It is when you release your grip on the world that you notice it. When viewed from the position of body/mind it may seem that we "drop into" or "enter a state of" meditation. But that is because we falsely believe ourselves to be a body/mind that practices meditation and then returns to being a body/mind after practice is over. The fact is that we are always meditation. Meditation is another word for awareness, for consciousness, for YOU. It is not

Free will

Recognize your true nature in the eternal now, That which cannot be named, And in this nameless presence "Your life" simply unfolds, The script is already written, Free will is irrelevant as there is no one who chooses.

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