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The tension you feel, the stress you feel, the problems you have are all illusory. They appear in your mind due to fear and result in an emotional and physical echo in the body. The constant fear you feel is due to a simple misunderstanding. That there is an "I" as a separate person living in a world. This apparent separate "I" feels constantly under threat from the dangerous world "out there" and tries to protect itself with an array of barriers and shields. But what is bein

The World

"Your world, of desires and their fulfilments, of fears and their escapes, is definitely not my world. I do not even perceive it, except through what you tell me about it. It is your private dream world and my only reaction to it is to ask you to stop dreaming." Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj The above excerpt is taken from the book "I AM THAT" and is in answer to a question about the wars and suffering of the world. For me, this is one of the most powerful statements in the whole

The Gilded Cage

I was on Facebook the other day and happened to see a post by the psychologist and author, Steve Taylor. I have read a lot of Steve's books on Consciousness as well as his poetry. He posts some of his short or full-length poems from time to time and perhaps because I am a fan of Japanese Haiku, this shorter one caught my eye... "A mind full of positive thoughts is better than a mind full of negative thoughts, but best of all is a mind free of thought." I understood immediatel


Why are we so fascinated by magic? The unreal apparently appearing as real, the impossible apparently appearing as possible. Could it be, we resonate so much with the magician's illusions on a relative level because when we look at the apparent outside world, on a deeper subconscious level, there is a sense that what is perceived to be "real" is perhaps not as it seems? The only way to answer such questions is to look within and ask: what is it that perceives the world? Not t


I've just been catching up with my friend, Judith in Australia this morning. Well, evening for her! As usual, our conversation was expansive and inspiring, covering a range of aspects related to Self-realization. One such aspect we discussed was that we are apparent energetic beings, functioning and resonating at a particular frequency. As such, all that manifests in your consciousness is a reflection of that vibrational frequency. So taking responsibility for what manifests


A common error people make along the way, particularly by those who meditate, is to try not to "do" and only "be". So there is an apparent separation. A dualism. But we are never not "being" and when "doing" is necessary it comes effortlessly of itself, as an expression of being. Let me paraphrase a poem by the Japanese Zen Poet-Monk, Ryokan to help explain...


Life is in complete freefall and there's nothing to be done about it. All attempts to resist are futile and result in the stress you feel. Apparent decisions appear to be being made but these "decisions" are among the infinite number of possibilities available within consciousness and therefore manifest effortlessly and are made by no-one. The thought "I decided" comes later and is itself a mental fiction. There is not a single problem that does not exist purely in the mind a


Life flashing before you at death, is simply the contents of your subconscious mind being released all at once upon the apparent "death" of the physical body. It is an energetic release of stored thoughts that have been suppressed and ignored for an entire lifetime. The constant fear of looking at particular thoughts we don't like and believing in thoughts we do like keeps us bound and limited. We long to be free, but don't know what to do. But you are already the free, unlim


The happiness, of seemingly “Happy People” is incredibly fragile and can turn into the opposite at any moment, as it is sought for in apparent objects and distracting activities. It picks and chooses this over that and desperately tries to ignore the underlying fear of the ending of this "happiness". However, when viewed from the perspective of awareness, we see that apparent objects and activities are not providing happiness but revealing the happiness that is already within

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