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Birth and death exist purely as thought. Everything that is apparently "seen" is nothing more than the ever-changing contents of your mind. So ask yourself, "What is it that sees the world?", and in that moment, immediately you are aware. Abiding as awareness, you realize that all apparent objects (including the physical body) come and go within you; awareness. You are the knowing, of all things. The never-changing reality in which and of which everything appears as a dream.


You dream that you are awake, dream that you dream, and dream that you sleep. How do you know? Because, in that same instant you recognize yourself to be the never-changing reality in which, by which, and through which everything apparently appears. So, if you want to know the content of your mind, just look around and see yourself everywhere. Shining in all your glory.


Whether you are an eloquent professor, a babbling guru, or a shy man in the street, when someone asks you for directions, it's best to just speak the truth and not lead them astray. Think of it like this... When someone stops and asks you how to get to such and such a place, you simply point them in the right direction with appropriate vocabulary. There is no ego in knowing the way better than them, there is no pride in having shown them the way. In that instance, words are e


When surrounded by apparently unconscious people and challenging circumstances, do not be pulled in. Abide as pure beingness. Sensing your conscious presence, others will see themselves reflected as they are and correct themselves naturally. Teach without teaching. Negativity and ego cannot survive long in the light of pure consciousness.

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