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Effortless Being

Self-realization & Nonduality



The separate self is an illusory limitation that never was.

Self-realization is not something reserved for a chosen few. It is available to everyone right now. It is not an experience to struggle or seek after. It is your true nature as you read these words, and once recognized, will make you laugh at the simplicity of it.

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Nondual Pointing

Without moving I go on a journey,

Upon return, I realize I was always home

You already know your true nature. It is just you have forgotten. 

Trusting your own intuition above all else, let our words remind you of what you are.

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Simple Conversation

Self-realization & Nonduality

During the 18 years I lived in Japan, I delved into many aspects of Eastern philosophy as a spiritual seeker, including Buddhism, Shintoism, Taoism, Zen meditation, and Japanese Archery.
However, it was only after discovering Nonduality that my true nature was finally recognized. Through simple discussion, there is the possibility of Self-realization and thus the immediate end of all fear and suffering. Life is then seen to unfold effortlessly and blissfully in total freedom.

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Nondual Performance

Musicians & Performance Artists

As a former professional classical musician, having graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in London (BMus, LRAM, DipRAM) and with many years of concert and stage experience, I am very aware of the mental aspects and issues of public performance, as well as the stresses and strains related to establishing and maintaining a successful career. 
Nondual pointing can result in the recognition of one's true nature, thus the immediate evaporation of mental obstacles apparently blocking expression. 
Upon realizing one's infinite potential there is conscious access to "The Zone" and an effortless flow of creativity.

Yoga at Home

Stress, Anxiety & Dis-ease

Allow yourself to "be"

Most people believe themselves to be an individual living in the world. This misunderstanding results in a feeling of lack and separateness. Trying to run away from or cover up this feeling leads to stress, anxiety, addiction, or just general dis-ease. 
With the help of Nondual Pointing and present moment awareness, you allow yourself to simply "be".
Welcoming life just as it is with openness and non-resistance can allow destructive habits to naturally dissolve to reveal the very peace you've been seeking, to have been right there all along.

Sessions are conducted on Zoom, are one-on-one, and are offered free of charge. 
However, if you would like to make a donation afterward, you can do so via the button in the main menu.
All donations will be gratefully appreciated.

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