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Effortless Being

Nonduality and the Recognition of our True Nature

"...David talks without the weight of spiritual jargon...his perspective and wisdom on the non-dual teaching is clear..."

The individual is an illusory limitation that never was

Self-realisation is not something new or an experience to struggle or seek after. It is your true nature as you read these words, and once recognised, will make you laugh at the simplicity of it.

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Private Session

Nondual Pointing

When you are lost

Ask for directions

Then you will be pointed

To where you never left

You have found my website because you are searching for something. You have doubts and questions about who or what you are.

You are distracting yourself from these doubts through various activities or substances,

but the nagging sense of lack, of there being something missing, persists. 

You may feel lost, alone, anxious, and stressed; this suffering feels real.

But it is all because of one simple misunderstanding; the belief in being a separate self.

There is no such thing and never was.


I provide one-to-one online support and guidance for anyone struggling with mental, emotional, addiction, or well-being issues:

including spiritual seekers and those undergoing awakened integration.

In my sessions, you will learn simple and effective techniques to immediately transcend the turmoil of habitual thinking and stress of your life situation, and notice the peace, love, joy and contentment already present and available right now.

You will begin to function consciously as effortless-being, and in doing so, your true nature may be recognised; which is total freedom.

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Private Session Booking

Our true nature is not hidden; it is just constantly overlooked.

Through simple one-to-one guidance and clear pointing, there is the possibility of direct recognition.

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