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You are innocent

Updated: Mar 10

A newborn experiences the world

As an open field of awareness

It has no sense of separate self

Until taught by you to be a person

It had to learn that

It is not its natural state

But you are innocent

As you were taught

To be a person too

And your parents before you

And theirs before them

When you realise this

You will feel nothing but compassion

For the whole of humanity

And resolve to radiate

Nothing but love


This poem was inspired by the lovely Katrijn van Oudheusden a Nonduality teacher and author of Selfless Leadership. I really admire the way Katrijn talks about Nonduality. She is incredibly clear and articulate and presents the teachings in a very balanced way. A lot of what she says echoes my own teaching, nothing more so than a social media post she uploaded recently about newborn awareness and the illusion of separation. It resonated so much that a poem spontaneously manifested, which turned out to be a hybrid of our teachings. I hope it resonates with you too and prompts you to realise we are all one in essence.

Click here to listen to Katryn's post on LinkedIn.

(Please note that if you do not have a LinkedIn account you may not be able to listen to it)


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