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You are always home

Sitting on my sofa this morning having coffee (my favourite place ☕), I chuckled again at the fact that we are always home and all that is required is a clear seeing of what "is".

We are so conditioned in "doing" that we overlook our "being" time and time again. That is why those for whom there is Self-realisation, after years of practice and seeking, often laugh out loud at the simplicity of the whole thing.

Realising that all they did was step out the front door, run around the house a bunch of times until they were exhausted from the effort, come back in and say, "I'm home!"

Comical, but that's what everyone is doing.

So if you are on your sofa, at your desk, or wherever you may be reading this today, before you do anything else, even before moving a single thought, ask yourself...

What am I before a single thought arises?

Don't look for an answer. Just let the question hang...

Then in that infinite moment of effortless "being", there may be the recognition that you are already home.


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