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Updated: Feb 22, 2023

I've just been catching up with my friend, Judith in Australia this morning. Well, evening for her!

As usual, our conversation was expansive and inspiring, covering a range of aspects related to Self-realization.

One such aspect we discussed was that we are apparent energetic beings, functioning and resonating at a particular frequency. As such, all that manifests in your consciousness is a reflection of that vibrational frequency. So taking responsibility for what manifests is of primary importance.

You may encounter an apparent dark or negative energy, but you always have the choice to refuse to be pulled down into it. You can always decline the invitation. In doing so, in staying as pure consciousness, the apparent negativity will disperse, whether it be a mental aspect or some physical manifestation such as a person or circumstance.

This refusing is not an ignoring of something distasteful, but rather a loving awareness of what is. In ignoring there is a fear, a running away. But in awareness, there is no fear. Like in those old horror movies where the vampire retreats from the brightness of sunlight and shrinks back into the shadows and disappears. How much brighter is the light of pure consciousness!

Once you learn to do this, you find that things are always okay, everything seems to just "work out" and all is well. The apparent outer world starts to reflect the state of your inner world and eventually, we come to the realization that there is no outer or inner. Everything just "is".

Consciousness appearing as form in a dream.

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