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The spinning top

Personalisation perpetuates suffering


Hi David,

I've been trying to sort through the stuff that's coming up by myself but I'm struggling. 

My mind is so full on. Lots of invitations and I've accepted some of them. Trying to do Self-inquiry to get perspective but I feel like I'm stuck in a thick fog. Struggling to form thoughts to write this email too.

Do you have any advice?

I was led to listen to The Power of Now and understand the pain body. Following the inner knowing, I’m guessing it’s the start of some process.


Having recognised your true nature you may find that various thought patterns come up now, which may lead to emotional responses. These patterns were previously ignored but now that the energy supply to the mind has been disconnected and you have gained the perspective of the Body of Wisdom they can be clearly seen. This is completely natural and normal. It is much like a spinning top that we no longer consent to keep spinning. The momentum gradually slows down and when it does so the thought patterns we have unconsciously identified with for so long become more clearly visible.

When viewed from the Body of Wisdom they are seen and allowed to arise and dissipate naturally. Try not to engage or identify with them as this will perpetuate the spinning. It is the personalisation of thoughts that creates suffering. 

Simply remain as impersonal, effortless being, and let them come and go with total non-attachment in loving awareness.


Watch my video on how personalisation perpetuates suffering: Spiritual Bypassing


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