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Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Why do we love to be in nature?

When we are in nature, we sense the aliveness, the beingness of everything around us and in that moment mind is dropped. There is only the beauty of it all.

What we believe to be "ourselves" is simply a limited thought, a mental construct, a belief, which in the presence of nature is easily stepped out of. This is why people long for breaks in the countryside away from their normal busy, chaotic lives. It is not a break from the city they want, it is a break from their minds!

So, when you take a walk in a forest or wood, just stop and be still. Sensing the stillness of the trees you are in fact "being stillness", which is you. In that moment there is no person, no thought of "me". Only when the mind kicks in again do you say, "I am in the forest". The mind has created a fictional person that pretends to exist in an outside world.

However, stillness is primary. Stillness "is" before all else apparently appears.

So be still. Then, in that stillness as stillness, in pure beingness as beingness, the truth may be recognised.

You are not in the world. The world is in you...

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