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Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Whether you are an eloquent professor, a babbling guru, or a shy man in the street, when someone asks you for directions, it's best to just speak the truth and not lead them astray.

Think of it like this...

When someone stops and asks you how to get to such and such a place, you simply point them in the right direction with appropriate vocabulary. There is no ego in knowing the way better than them, there is no pride in having shown them the way. In that instance, words are expressed effortlessly and the stranger, having been pointed in the right direction, is left to continue on. As are you.

In the apparent search for truth, the same principle applies, however, there is a paradox...

Truth is not a destination to be arrived at. It is neither here nor there, this nor that, relative nor absolute.

So perhaps we can just simply say this:

When one's true nature is realized, words effortlessly manifest as signposts pointing the directionless way on a destinationless journey...

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