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All are equal

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Self-realisation is not an experience to achieve


Hello David,

I was listening to Robert Adam’s Satsang. He has given these 3 precepts for Self-realisation...

  1. Have a personal relationship with a sage and be of service to a sage

  2. Be at Satsang most of the time

  3. Be in meditation with a sage at appointed times

Can you please help me understand how can I achieve this with a Realised Being who has left his body already, like Robert Adams or Ramana Maharshi?

Does it mean I am missing out on realisation just because I am born after him in the relative world or am I making a gross meaning out of these deep words?


There is nothing to achieve and no one to achieve anything.

The sticking point here is the belief in a separate self and the mind's habit of comparing and contrasting.

Truth is very simple. Infinite consciousness is having a human experience. Our one essence, infinite consciousness, is experiencing itself as Robert, Ramana, David...

This one essence is neutral. It has no hierarchy. When thinking is engaged and believes in a separate person, it latches onto the outer form and sees only separate persons (Robert, Ramana, David...) but these are just characters in a play. We then compare our own character to them and judge it to be better or worse, more or less spiritually realised, etc. This is all the Body of Mind. The chatter of thought.

The separate self is entirely imagined. There is only every consciousness. Consciousness seemingly appears as various characters, a postman, a carpenter, a guru, or whatever, but always remains as Itself. This is the meaning of Namaste in Sanskrit [The light in me is the light in you], the light of consciousness.

Remain consciously as the Body of Wisdom and simply rest as effortless being. Notice the impersonal nature of the knowing of your own being and remain there. There is nothing else to do. This is the true meaning of "All are equal in the eyes of God" (Genesis 1:26-28).

I hope that helps.


Click on the following link to read and understand more about the Koshas: The Five Bodies


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