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Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Why are we so fascinated by magic?

The unreal apparently appearing as real, the impossible apparently appearing as possible.

Could it be, we resonate so much with the magician's illusions on a relative level because when we look at the apparent outside world, on a deeper subconscious level, there is a sense that what is perceived to be "real" is perhaps not as it seems?

The only way to answer such questions is to look within and ask: what is it that perceives the world?

Not the body, not the mind; those are limitations clouding your vision.

What is it that knows the body, knows the mind?

When you do this, you will become very still; very aware.

And in this awareness, your true Self may be recognized. Your infinite being.

Then the world appears as a magical illusion of beauty and wonder.

Consciousness, effortlessly expressing itself, within itself, as itself.

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