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Inclusion confusion

It seems that the concepts of diversity and inclusion are causing a lot of confusion among many people, including business managers and executives who are forced to adhere to guidelines they don't understand and probably (at least from a business perspective) deep down don't agree with. They are trying to get their heads around what percentage of race or gender they are employing and whether or not it is acceptable or not, and spend money on training in order for everyone to understand and accept all these 'different people'.

Really we want to employ and be employed based on merit, right?

While I'm not saying that the idea of including everyone is a bad thing, indeed it is a positive, empathic step in the right direction. However, there would be no confusion, headaches, or any need for training at all if the true meaning of inclusion were understood and this is the reason why the recognition of our true nature is so important.

Identity crisis?

Yes! The whole problem is simply a case of mistaken identity...

When we take the standpoint of a 'separate person' we then see others are 'different separate persons' that we must accept/include etc. But this is based on a fundamental misconception...that we are all separate persons! Thus, because it is based on a misconception it is a forced ideology, which will never feel natural no matter what people may say. On recognizing our true nature, however, and functioning from 'Infinite being' as opposed to the 'human being', we naturally include ALL as each apparent individual is seen as an expression of our oneness. There is, therefore, no need for training to understand different individuals as there are no individuals.

It is not a matter of accepting differences, it is a matter of recognizing wholeness.



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