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God knows no why

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Have you ever felt uncomfortable when someone asks you "Why?" you act in a particular way or say certain things?

For you, there is no reason. It just happens, right?

You struggle to think of a reason for the sake of social norms or out of the habit of defending yourself, but it's such an effort. You resent having to justify yourself because your inner knowing tells you that it feels right more deeply than any superficial conditioning.

Listen to this inner knowing. It is right.

Why? (LOL) Because intuition is in alignment with truth.

Reasons belong to the mind. To the limited. The infinite being needs no reason.

All this apparent manifested universe is really nothing.

So don't worry if you cannot give a reason. Let the questioner be frustrated by your non-answer.

Being in alignment with what is, you are still. You are free.

God knows no why.


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