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Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Life flashing before you at death, is simply the contents of your subconscious mind being released all at once upon the apparent "death" of the physical body. It is an energetic release of stored thoughts that have been suppressed and ignored for an entire lifetime. The constant fear of looking at particular thoughts we don't like and believing in thoughts we do like keeps us bound and limited. We long to be free, but don't know what to do.

But you are already the free, unlimited, infinite being! You just tell yourself that you are not!

So why wait until it's too late?

Why not release these thoughts now by shining the light of consciousness on them and live life without fear and limitation?

When something triggers you and thoughts-emotions-reactions arise, give them due attention. Let compassionate conscious-awareness envelop them in a glow of non-resistance and they will dissolve naturally.

This will inevitably result in the dropping of the critical thought, "I am a separate person" and a remembering of one's true nature.

For an apparently realized being, on the recognition of the non-existence of the individual self, it is like the stopper being removed from a bottle, whilst the physical body is still "alive".

Therefore an integration period occurs where suppressed thoughts rise to the surface, sometimes violently, sometimes gradually. But the necessity of allowing them to dissolve in non-resistant consciousness, in YOU, is the same.

When one's true nature is recognized, life becomes a process of refinement, which is really no process at all, but an effortless flow of naturalness, of total freedom.

Total freedom from the limitations of the mind.

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