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Everything is?

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Not being terribly tech-savvy I occasionally have the odd malfunction when it comes to IT, Social Media, and all things associated therein. However, unless I've accidentally wiped my entire file content or tried to fix (and end up breaking) someone's laptop with a screwdriver (true story), on the whole, my little gaffes makes me laugh.

So I thought I would share my recent blooper with you as it gave me a good chuckle...

I recently started answering people's questions on Quora. For anyone who doesn't know, Quora is a social media platform that presents you with genuine questions that people have asked and allows anyone to submit an answer. I had already supplied a few answers to Nondual and Spiritual questions posted, so this morning when someone asked for an answer to the following, I innocently set about writing a reply in order to dispel this person's doubt...

Turns out afterwards that the person was not asking a spiritual question but a grammatical one! LOL

Nonetheless! It resulted in the following exposé, which I decided just to post on my blog!


Ultimately, as the truth of our beingness is beyond the concepts of the mind and therefore also beyond language, the best way for It to be expressed is simply to remain silent. This was most famously expounded by Sri Ramana Maharshi.

However, if we make a concession between us and subscribe to the use of language in order to have a conversation we then must also concede that language can only be used as a pointer towards That. Much like a signpost is used to give directions. (Only in this case there is no destination!)

The use of language then is variable and differs from person to person. However, most people who talk about Nonduality have settled on certain norms and would probably say “everything is”. The reason being is that using the same words (mind, consciousness, Self, etc.) in different ways can lead to confusion.

That being said, Self-realization is the recognition that there is no person and there never was a person. Therefore, there are no other people either. Consciousness is primary and apparently expresses itself in various ways, through and as various vessels. The human experience is like this.

Therefore, given that we are infinite-consciousness having a human experience, consciousness has the infinite ability to attempt to point to itself using language or not. If language is to be used then any combination of words that allows consciousness to reveal itself in another “person” is surely valid.

The only thing that bothers people is whether what they say is grammatically correct! But consciousness is beyond all high school grammar, which is why some people try to twist language as much as they can to attempt to get as close as they can to It.

“Beingness being all beingness” (Lester Levenson)

And that's okay too! The only point is if it resonates or not.

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