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Updated: Feb 22, 2023

I was having a conversation the other day and the subject of desire came up. This is often a tricky point for many people who are spiritually seeking, as they cannot imagine a life without desire. So let me try to clarify a little...

When most people talk of desiring this or that, it almost always is a "personal" desire for an object. One which will improve their life in some material way. Whether it be a new car, partner, house, or whatever it might be. Even desiring world peace coming from the standpoint of the individual is a material desire because falsely believing themselves to be a person in the world, there is so much fear invested in it and, as I have mentioned in other posts, in desiring peace the apparent separate person has inadvertently subscribed to the concept of war.

On one level there is nothing wrong with trying to manifest these things but it is extremely unlikely that it will result in any long-term fulfilment as, by nature, all such desires are necessarily sought for in the apparent objective realm. That is to say, the dream-world of the mind and thus susceptible to change.

However, on the realization of oneself as the infinite being, as opposed to the human being, desiring comes from an entirely different place. As the imagined separate person now no longer exists, all action in the world manifests effortlessly. It is a flow of intuition and urges arising spontaneously from the source, from infinite consciousness, and as such, every desire becomes an expression of unconditional love and service to humanity.

In this unconditional love that you are, there is no fear, as fear was wrapped up in the belief of the separate self. There is total freedom to enjoy life as it is, which includes apparent material objects, knowing that they do not last. This knowing is peace. This peace is you. Then, like a candle lighting another candle, peace radiates as light in the world.

So, be the peace that you are and let all questions of desire dissolve in your infinite being.

"Delve deeply enough into life and you can let go of even Cherry Blossoms"

Ryokan Taigu (Zen Poet-Monk 1758–1831)

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