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Awakened Leadership

Conscious Consulting

How often have you tried to "think outside the box"?

How often has it not only been an effort and struggle but also failed to bear any significant results?

This is because the whole idea is based on one fundamental misconception... 

...that "thinking" will solve your problems.

The future of business and political leadership lies beyond the mind's limiting beliefs and in the recognition of oneself as the infinite source itself: Consciousness.

This simple recognition is total freedom.

This is Awakened Leadership

Conscious Consulting

Conscious Consulting workshops are held in small groups of executive leadership and management-level participants.

The focus is on noticing and stepping out of the mind's limiting belief structures and, through Nondual Pointing, the possible recognition of one's true nature.

The realization of which is total freedom.

Together we will explore the nature of perceived problems and how to move beyond traditional solving methods. We will point to an open, free, and effortless state of being, a state of actionless action where a "Doer" is not, and thus solutions and ideas present themselves spontaneously in ways the thinking mind could not have imagined.

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David Farmer

Nondual Guide & Conscious Consultant

My story so far has been enterprising, eclectic, and ethereal...

From a professional musician in London to an English instructor in Japan. From working in a leading Japanese/International Telecoms & IT conglomerate to offering guidance on Nonduality and Spirituality.  I aim to draw upon all my life experiences, gather all my knowledge and insights, and channel them into helping others have the most fulfilling human experience possible.

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